Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Google quite possibly now owns my soul... [Part 1]

So, I've had my new phone, an Android based Desire HD for a couple of weeks now, and it's remarkable how quickly I have got used to it just being there.

In this time I've not carried my laptop to work, instead just using the phone to provide my media consumption (video, audio - both music and books, email checking, surfing, etc.) It's not that the phone does any of these things particularly better than a laptop, it doesn't, the larger screen and keyboard still rate supreme, however for convienience it's a lot easier to transport and use on a crowded train or tube.

Primarily however, it is a consumption device, much like an iPad or other tablet. As a result I fully expect the laptop to be making a welcome return on occasion as I try to actually create content. It's not that either a smart phone or tablet cannot do that, indeed for some applications they may be preferable, however their usefulness when, for example, using Eclipse to code up a small Java application or test, is obviously limited, crippled if you will.

The small need I felt to get a tablet has almost entirely vanished now, if it ever existed, now such a device would be merely a curiosity or just another toy to sit and gather dust within months. That, at the moment is equally applicable to both iOS and Android tablet devices.

The phone is in no way a tablet, but it is, for me at least, filling the exact same uses I would see a tablet covering.

Now if only the price of 32Gb Micro SD cards could half, I could upgrade the 8Gb card that currently lives in my phone and carry around a decent library of music.

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